The Bullying Ends Now


I was made aware of this website today, and I’m so glad that things like this exist. As teens, I know that this issue is HUGE. Bullying is traumatic and cruel, and often bullies have been bullied by other kids in the past or by adults in their lives. So, if you find yourself being bullied, or you yourself struggle with how you treat others, remember this link. And remember to pray for those who persecute you (Matthew 5:44 NIV “But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”)

Raising awareness and talking about this important topic is necessary, and I’m glad to see that this blog exists! It was created by a Junior High age student from Arizona. Yes! Junior High! She just started her freshman year of high school this past month and I really hope her blog and her movement grows! I look forward to hearing how God uses her and her church to be a light in this world.

The Facebook fan page can be found below if you want to “like” it. 🙂

So this student decided to put her passions to work and to create this site to aid people who struggle with bullying. What movement might God be asking you to begin? What motivates you and what would you like to see change in your school? Your family? Your community? Your world? Maybe you are sickened by the suffering that is taking place in Africa right now. Maybe you are moved to try to do something about he homelessness and poverty in your own town. Maybe it’s something else entirely… but maybe God has plans for that in your life. Maybe God is looking for someone JUST LIKE YOU do step up and decide to take action. You should ask Him about it. 🙂

Crew 8


This crew worked on a home that had a major leak in the roof, and over time this leak caused a ton of water damage in their home. So they fixed the roof, and completely re-insulated and drywalled the wall that had water damage.


Are you “Making the Switch”?


It’s Sr. High Workcamp time! Only 48 hours till lift-off and we’re gearing up for our annual mission trip. A flurry of green shirts, ladders, bibles, coolers, and vehicles (and a U-Haul) will be heading out to Mt. Pleasant, MI bright and early this Saturday morning July 23rd. We’ll be back on July 30th with joy to share and stories to tell. That’s a promise. 🙂

During chapels for our week in Mt. Pleasant we’ll be talking about the changes in our lives, the switches (from one thing to another). From one leader to another, from one way of thinking to a different way of thinking, going from certain habits to starting new and better rhythms and habits… and the list goes on. Our students (as well as the rest of us) live in a world that is constantly changing… so we’re asking the questions, “How do I deal with change? How am I changing? How does God want me to change? What shift is God MOST desiring to see in me?”

Musically, we’re blessed to have the band We Are Leo leading us in worship all week. They have performed two concerts here at CUMC over the past 10 months, and our students have grown to know them and have had great experiences with them. We’re very happy that they’ll be with us! You can check them out here:

In addition to the chapels and lessons, we have a wonderful opportunity to serve the community and a number of residents of Mt. Pleasant, MI. Roofing, decking, painting, building bunk beds… and more. Our students LOVE to serve and to come to workcamp, and we are all so grateful for the support, love, and for the prayers offered by all of you. Our church family, our friends and neighbors – you’ve helped to make this trip a reality! Thank you so very much!

As a way of inviting you all to engage with us throughout the week – we’ll be posting a daily video blog right here on this blog! is my blog about Students and their ability with God’s help to set the example for the world about what a follower of Jesus Christ looks like. 412 comes from the scripture verse found in 1st Timothy 4:12 that says, “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.” So, long after Workcamp is over this will be a source for info, inspiration, and discussion about the work God is doing in and through the lives of teens and youth.

That’s all for now! There are a few more things to do before Saturday 🙂 Please check back here throughout the week to see daily updates, interviews, and reports on what’s happening in Michigan with our workcampers. And please pray for God to be glorified in all we do, for good weather, and for the health and safety of our campers.

Grace and Peace to you.

Junior High Ministry: How 7th Graders Rocked My World


Junior High Ministry: How 7th Graders Rocked My World | Youth Ministry 360.

I love Jr. High Students – and as a former 7th grade boy, I really enjoyed this read (click above). In fact, this whole blog above is awesome. They report on awesome stuff that teens are up to, and they also offer some incredible resources for teens and parents and people like me! 🙂

God wants to use these young men (and women) in junior high! I can’t wait to see more of them in the fall once the school year picks back up. But for many of you junior high students, we’ll be seeing you for Junior High Workcamp the first week of August! Info is available on our Church website