I spend my days with my wife Courtney and our kids. Keira was born on 8/28/07. Our son Landon was born on 4/20/09. I work at a wonderful church in Rockford, IL where I am the Director of Youth Development and Missions. http://www.christumc.cc

I’m an ENFJ according to meyers briggs… so I guess that means something.

I love to be around people. They fill me up! Namely, my wife Courtney, daughter Keira, and son Landon. They are what brings me the most joy in this life. I love working with students and their parents. Watching God at work in the lives of the youth is unlike anything else I’ve experienced. Having God include me in the work He is doing in their lives is an honor, a challenge, and a joy like none other.

Also, I’m a nerd. I’m a nerd for things I like. Everything from the Bible, to my Xbox, or certain TV shows like Lost or Firefly, to gadgets & most things with an Apple logo .. I nerd out about the stuff I am interested in. I love to sing karaoke with friends, play basketball, and I like to run when I can. Mostly these days I run around the house after my wonderful kids. I tend to procrastinate at times. I don’t like picnics or parades, I am a cat person, and I’m very ticklish.

I became a follower of Jesus in the winter of 1996, and I’ve been living for Christ as best I can ever since. I feel so very blessed to be able to work in ministry.

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