Hunger Games



There are times when I realize just how out of the loop I am.  This weekend was one of those times. I must confess to all of you… I have not read the Hunger Games trilogy, and I have not seen the Hunger Games movie… yet. I wish I had time to see it, but I don’t. Now, I don’t actually have any complaints about this. I just turned thirty last month, I’ve come to grips with the fact that I’m just in a different season of life now I love my life, my wife and kids, and the fun/crazy pace we keep.  Life with a 3 and a 4 year old never gets dull… so I’m completely thrilled to be where I’m at.  

As a director of youth ministry at my church, I do feel the need to rush out and see this movie ASAP. I think I need to be in on the conversation.  So much of the plot can be gleaned from the trailer and from what I’ve heard students talking about. PLUS, my mom has read the books and LOVES them.  🙂   So, I do feel like I understand some of the key concepts… but still, I feel that I’ve missed out on a chance to be a part of something really significant in our culture, and more specifically, in our youth culture, by not seeing it yet. Looking back, I probably should have seen in at midnight last Thursday. 

Once I DO see the movie, I plan to write another post. It will be my “review” of the movie to some extent.  But I will also be trying to discover what we as Christians may be able to learn from the conversations this movie has started. Like the Lord or the Rings, Star Wars, Harry Potter, the Matrix, and countless other movies before it… I imagine that this Hunger Games phenomenon will have something to say about who we are as a generation, as a culture, and what we think can save us. Or, it will be just one more big budget hollywood movie.  Who knows  🙂


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