The Bullying Ends Now


I was made aware of this website today, and I’m so glad that things like this exist. As teens, I know that this issue is HUGE. Bullying is traumatic and cruel, and often bullies have been bullied by other kids in the past or by adults in their lives. So, if you find yourself being bullied, or you yourself struggle with how you treat others, remember this link. And remember to pray for those who persecute you (Matthew 5:44 NIV “But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”)

Raising awareness and talking about this important topic is necessary, and I’m glad to see that this blog exists! It was created by a Junior High age student from Arizona. Yes! Junior High! She just started her freshman year of high school this past month and I really hope her blog and her movement grows! I look forward to hearing how God uses her and her church to be a light in this world.

The Facebook fan page can be found below if you want to “like” it. 🙂

So this student decided to put her passions to work and to create this site to aid people who struggle with bullying. What movement might God be asking you to begin? What motivates you and what would you like to see change in your school? Your family? Your community? Your world? Maybe you are sickened by the suffering that is taking place in Africa right now. Maybe you are moved to try to do something about he homelessness and poverty in your own town. Maybe it’s something else entirely… but maybe God has plans for that in your life. Maybe God is looking for someone JUST LIKE YOU do step up and decide to take action. You should ask Him about it. 🙂


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