So I was thinking today about the people in my life who I am grateful for… people who have helped to shape me and who have walked with me through life. I knew some of these people personally – like my small group leaders at church, neighbors, coaches, family members… But then there were other people whom I didn’t know very well (or at all) like Michael Jordan, John Ortberg, and Bill Nye the Science Guy. Some in very significant ways, and others I smaller ways – we have been influenced by certain people. And as a dad I find myself wondering what my son and my daughter’s list will look like. If they had to make a list today, I bet it would read something like this: mommy, daddy, grandparents, Miss Tiffany and Miss Megan, Dora the Explorer, Mickey Mouse, They Might be Giants, and Mario.

Today, recall those people in your life who helped you to be who you are…


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