To Prove (or disprove) God? …

On a forum post on the website this challenge was issued: “Prove the (Non)Existence of God”

The following was my response:

I think once Theists or Christians start to tread down this path of trying to “prove God” to people we’ve already lost the argument. Jesus didn’t go around trying to convince people of whom he was. In fact, he was often subtle about the topic and about whom he told. You didn’t see him flaunting that he was the Son of God. Yet, I’ve seen so many well-intentioned Christian people try to prove God’s existence in the world… and turn a ton of people away from God in the process. The more important question many God-believing people ought to ask themselves (I think) is: Does God exist in your life and how you live and treat people?

Jesus demonstrated his love. He acted, he prayed, he taught. He asked us to follow him and to do the same. He demonstrated a way, claimed it was truth, presented it as life and life to the fullest. Either he was right or he was not. He never stared a “religion” – he just asked people to follow him. I try my best to and have committed my life to trying to do so.

Can I prove that God exists to you? Probably not. Just like I cannot prove to you that I love my wife. But I do love my wife, and I am convinced of God’s existence. One time Jesus was asked “Are you the one who was to come, or should we expect someone else?” and his reply (summarized) was basically this: “What do you see? Based on what you see, make your own choice about who I am.” (Matthew 11)

God (in my opinion) has already put his case out there. There are compelling reasons (scientific, social, relational, etc..) for the existence of God, and they have existed for a long time. There are things that I think clearly point to God as being real. Do I want to present these things to a “non-believer” in order to “convert” or convince them of God? Not so much (unless they specifically ask about such things, then I’d love to share).

So, as a Christian man I hope that when people ask me about what I believe, and if God is real, and if he is real in my life – that I am able to point to how I live and ask them, “What do you see?”

I’m far from perfect, but I love Jesus and want to follow him. And I hope I’m doing it well. I think he’s made a convincing enough case for his existence. I surely cannot make a better case for him. I’m not sure that finding proof for people would even be enough to convince them anyways. I just hope to follow him and love him well, to love people well, and to help others to do the same.


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