A must watch!


For all of you who have Netflix – put the show “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” on your instant queue.

It’s in HD.
It’s VERY funny.
It’s very well acted.
It’s very well written.
It is unbelievably relevant.

It is basically a social commentary on everything from relationships to the news and entertainment media to Christianity in America.

This show does so many things well. And to top it off – it has the most believable and down-to-earth (and flawed) Christian character I have ever seen on TV or in film. This character, named Harriet Hayes, is a respectable person. A funny person. She is NOT perfect and does not behave perfectly. She is not the “model Christian” … But I guess that is why I like her. Her character and her actions are a GREAT conversation starter. Her ex-boyfriend Matt Albie (played by Matthew Perry) is the very opposite of Christian in this show. Also, a very respectable and well written character. He and Harriet have some AMAZING conversation over the course of the show. Often in a heated debate about the existence of God or about “America’s version of Christianity” (as Matt Albie may have said).

All that aside, the show is absolutely brilliant. It’s available on the Netflix instant queue, and if you want to watch some Good television you should check it out. Tell me what you think! This show will grab you from the very beginning. 😉


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