“God Winks”


A friend of mine recently introduced me to a new phrase.  I absolutely love using it.  It’s not revolutionary by any means, but I love how it redefines the word “coincidence”.   A coincidence typically gives no credit to anything except freak luck.  An unlikely happenstance.

My friend Bina recently read a book called “When God Winks at You” and loaned it to me.  The book turns this idea of a coincidence on it’s head and challenges us to look at almost every moment differently.  If you hadn’t guessed by now – the verbiage that replaces the word “coincidence” is this idea of a “God Wink”.  These coincidences in our lives aren’t random or simply lucky at all!  They are the active hand of a loving and engaged God who wants to be in relationship with us.  And lately I believe that God is winking at me and my family a WHOLE lot.  What I love about the God Wink is that it implies God is watching.  This is not a scary or intimidating thought for me, although I’ve heard that it is for some.  Knowing that God is watching me is not the same feeling I have when I’m being closely followed on the road by a squad car or when I’m being evaluated at work by my supervisor. The God I know from the Bible is watching much differently than that – He watches in the same way a loving father watches his toddler fumble around the living room while trying to reach up and grab things that are often out of their reach. These days I’m that toddler, and God keeps helping us to reach things that have been so far off and out of our grasp for years now. We’ve prayed for this next chapter in our lives for a while, and lately the God Winks seem to be a regular occurrence.  Whether it has been a relational wink, a financial wink, a professional wink, or a parental wink … in all categories in the life of my family God appears to be piecing things together, and He has made it clear to us He’s committed to providing for us and being with us during this transition.  It’s an exciting ride!

I’ll probably write about God Winks again sometime.  I hope when God winks at you you’re able to recognize it.  As for me, I don’t think I’ll ever think or say, “Geez, what a coincidence!” ever again.


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