I have a blog. {joy}


I love God and Theology. I love my wife and my kids. I love other things too, like the Country Skillet at my local breakfast place Rise & Shine. I love basketball and running. I love cereal. I love gadgets and video games as well. Chances are these are the types of topics you’ll be reading about on my blog. I recently became a staff member at a fantastic church in Rockford, IL and I believe I’ll actually have time to do a blog now! I’ve always wanted to do this. I’ve had failed attempts in the past, but now my pace of life may allow for me to be a relevant blogger. Maybe not, but either way I think I’m gonna have some fun with this. I’ll mostly be writing about the things I love as mentioned above. God. Family. Breakfast. Video games. Ya know, the big stuff.

So, Press Start (for those who’ve never played a video game) typically implies hitting the pause button and taking a break to get the frozen pizza out of the oven, to go to the bathroom, to answer the door, to listen to your wife. I love the Pause button for many reasons. This blog is called Press Start because I believe God wants us pause, to rest, and to reflect on our life on a regular basis. Among other things, He wants us to have fun and enjoy our life. Jesus says, “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” (John 10:10 ESV). He gave us a great formula for life… work hard all week, but then have a Sabbath day. Do no work. Do what fills you up and breathes life into you so that the next 6 days are bearable. I will most likely be blogging on that day (which for me is usually a Monday). And, because I get to fill that day with the things I love to do I’ll occasionally talk about something I’m reading, watching, writing, teaching, playing, or eating. Topics may consist of parenting, ministry, things God is teaching me, food & coffee I like, movies, video games, a new tech gadget, answered prayer, my questions and concerns in this life … makes sense right?

But on the flip side, “Press Start” can also be about new initiatives, new ideas, new way to get started and active. After all, when you “press start” when holding a gaming controller if often is what launches you into the game you are about to play (a rather exciting moment at times for those of you who remember playing Super Mario Brothers 3 for the first time). In the same way, I believe we need to be looking at the world around us and asking the qustion, “where should I be hitting the start button in my life?”… yeah, I know it’s a pretty weak analogy, but I like it. 🙂 I believe God wants us to his ambassadors in this life, to be watchful of the needs around us and to meet those needs as best we can. We need to be active and engaged in our families, churches, and communities for Jesus and his name’s sake. To allow yourself to be known as a Christian means that your life ought to reflect that choice through and through. I do my best, and you’ll probably read about it from time to time. I’ve dedicated my life to following Jesus, and at times this blog will cataloge the successes and the failings I’ve had (and will have) along the way.

Oh, and when the new Nintendo 3DS comes out this holiday season, you’ll probably read about that here too.

Thanks for reading!


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