Dream … Small

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Last week I spent two days along with some other leaders from my church at Willow Creek’s Global Leadership Summit (full disclosure: my wife actually works for the GLS). As usual the conference was full of top-notch speakers and cutting edge leadership and vision discussions, and it was awesome to…


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(Be forewarned that this post is long. If you’re brave enough to tackle it, you may want to stretch and hydrate first) Jesus ≠ Religion… Please don’t misunderstand me – I thoroughly and completely believe that Jesus is, indeed, greater than (>) religion. Much greater. So much…

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Desire for God

I just some interesting commentary about the effectiveness in our various methods of reaching the youth in our churches and helping them to have a faith that doesn’t fade as they head into their college years. One person (named Mike) wrote, “If we truly were open to honest answers when we ask young adults about […]

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“The Main Thing”

** This blog post is not my own creation… this is a passage from a sermon by John Ortberg.  PLEASE check out his teaching at menlo.church sometime.   The name of this sermon is called “The Main Thing”. It claims that the main thing for churches, our ultimate mission is to “present everyone mature in Christ.” […]

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Recently I saw this image online… I must say… at first glance one may choose to re-post this to their Facebook wall or tweet it to the world in order to help us all realize how messed up our society is. It’s a powerful image… but I have a problem with it. It was unsettling… […]

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So I was thinking today about the people in my life who I am grateful for… people who have helped to shape me and who have walked with me through life. I knew some of these people personally – like my small group leaders at church, neighbors, coaches, family members… But then there were other […]

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“What about the Change?”

As I’ve been thinking and praying about our church’s youth Workcamp this July, an old Steven Curtis Chapman song from the late 90’s called “The Change” came to mind – and it really struck me. I hadn’t heard the song for years, and it just popped into my head. It’s a fun song to listen […]

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